We only use local dairies and milk suppliers

Devolved Funding

We Can Help, Free of Charge!

Many local Authorities are devolving school budgets, which could mean more administration work for your school. We can help take some of this away FREE OF CHARGE.

You may already be aware that from April 2013, Local Authorities are devolving the budgets for schools. This will mean that individual schools will have a greater control over the control and spending of their own budgets rather than the Local Authority.

As a result schools will be able to choose their own milk suppliers and will therefore have the choice between:

Administrating the School Milk Scheme Yourself

This will mean your school will be responsible for:

  1. Setting up an account with the NMRU (Nursery Milk Reimbursement Unit) as well as the RPA (Rural payments Agency) to be able to claim back the subsidy available on your milk purchases
  2. Set up an account with School Milk UK, and keep in constant contact with us as your order numbers change up and down. You will also be responsible for keeping and storing 6 years worth of delivery notes and will be expected to produce these during regular school audits by the RPA and NMRU
  3. Allocate a member of staff to deal with the administration of the scheme
  4. Collecting and banking payments from parents
  5. Placing orders with the dairy
  6. Dealing with the regular audits from NMRU and RPA to verify your claims
  7. Dealing with invoices and payment to School Milk UK
  8. Complete the monthly claim forms to enable you to be reimbursed by the RPA and NMRU


Allow us to do all this for you completely FREE of charge!

School Milk UK offers a completely FREE School Milk Administration Scheme for all schools who want to take part, saving time and money.

We serve over 130,000 school children with milk each day and can offer you the following. Don’t forget this is all FREE!

  1. FREE milk for under fives and subsidised milk for children aged 5-11 years
  2. In some areas* we can offer FREE milk to children who are receiving free school meals
  3. Parents deal directly with us, so schools do not get involved with collecting payments or dealing with subsidy claims
  4. No more time spent collecting payments or ordering from the dairy
  5. No need to complete the complicated & time-consuming RPA and NMRU claim forms
  6. FREE promotional materials for your school to encourage the uptake of milk
  7. REWARDS for your school, based on the uptake of milk in your school – as a ‘Thank You’ from us for allowing us to promote our scheme
  8. Secure on-line account management for schools and parents
  9. Locally sourced milk, where possible
  10. The facility for schools to order Kitchen milk/ bread/yogurts etc and Staff milk
  11. Complete traceability on our product, as the only provider who source, process, package, deliver, administrate and provide excellent customer service

Use the simple steps to register your school, or contact us for more information.

* Where previously offered by your Local Authority